Trauma Stress Management Courses

IOSH_4COL_POSTrauma Stress Management (TSM) has been developed by IED Training Solutions Limited and has been approved and licensed by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

  • 2 day Practitioners Course now available.
  • IOSH are the Chartered body for health and safety professionals, aiming to regulate the profession.
  • Successful delegates will receive IOSH certification on completion.
  • TSM is a pro-active, peer group delivered management strategy that aims to keep employees of organisations functioning after incidents or accidents, that may otherwise manifest into worry, stress, anxiety or depression for the individual (s) concerned.
  • The TSM methodology has evolved from clinical research which shows that most people who encounter a traumatic incident or accident, adjust well and suffer no long-term ill effects.
  • TSM provides an added layer to the employers ‘Duty of Care’ legal obligation, as trained TSM Practitioners will exist in the organisation to provide reassurance, information and a general wellness support system to individuals who require this help.
  • A risk assessment based process that can hopefully sign-post certain individuals that may require further professional assistance.
  • TSM is a methodical, documented process that may be used as reference should an organisation suffer potential financial implications.
  • A common sense approach to personnel management after a traumatic incident or event.
  • Having the ability to talk to a trained ‘TSM Practitioner’ within the organisation, will make the individual feel valued and appreciative that someone ‘cares’.
  • A more professional approach than a Line Manager or HR staff offering support.
  • No organisation is exempt from a crisis situation. The TSM model ensures that the correct training and procedures are in place to deal with individuals who may have been affected.