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Trauma Stress Management for Practitioners (IOSH)

Duration: 2 Days

What is Trauma Stress Management?

  • TSM is a trauma-focused peer support system designed to help individual(s) who have experienced a traumatic incident or event either directly or indirectly
  • TSM Practitioners are not counsellors or therapists, however will learn the skills required to carry out a TSM assessment to gauge how much (if any) traumatic stress has been assimilated by the individual(s) involved.
  • The majority of individuals who have been involved in a traumatic incident or event will continue to function without any long lasting negative effect. Offering support at an early stage and signposting to the next tier of professional support when required is a vital part of the individuals(s)well being process.
  • TSM originated in the UK Armed Forces and the model is based on ‘watchful waiting’, that means keeping a watchful eye on individuals who have been exposed to a traumatic event.

How does TSM benefit my organisation?

  • A TSM policy is a vital component within the organisations health and safety management system
  • A TSM policy is a vital component of an organisations emergency planning contingency.
  • Helps to meet and exceed your ‘Duty of Care’ legal obligation
  • Helps to break the stigma of mental health and identifies wellness champions in the workplace
  • Shows that the organisation ‘cares’ for it’s employees
  • IOSH approved TSM training can enhance existing compliance standards