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Forklift Novice

Duration: 3 Days
  • Operators safety code
  • Principals of lifting
  • Battery care
  • Stability factors
  • Principles of the fork truck
  • Steering operations (forward and reverse) & confined areas
  • Picking up, setting down, transporting pallets / loads
  • Stacking and de-stacking loads at various heights
  • Daily maintenance checks

Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

Duration: 1 Day
  • Introduction and explanation
  • Learn about Operator Safety Code and Working at Height Regulations
  • How to carry out pre-use checks, battery maintenance and charging procedures
  • Factors affecting stability
  • Manoeuvring in open and confined areas
  • Stacking at different levels/de-stacking pallets and containers
  • Practical and theory examination

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

Duration: 1 Day
  • Controls and instruments
  • Starting/moving/stopping and steering the truck
  • Battery care and maintenance
  • Weight assessment
  • Vehicle loading/unloading from a loading dock environment
  • Bulk and industrial pallet racking (dependent on truck type)

REACH Truck Conversion

Duration: 2 Days
  • Health and Safety Responsibilities
  • Basic Principles of Reach Truck Stability
  • Operators Safety Code and Legislation
  • Pre-use Inspection Procedures
  • Manoeuvring in Restricted Areas
  • Laden Pallet Handling
  • Pallet Racking Systems and Bulk Stacking