IED Training Solutions first came to the attention of our West Midlands-based senior management team following the successful delivery of a range of courses to our Dundee operation, XPlore Dundee. The IED team had also provided an XPlore Dundee bus driver with much-needed wellbeing support through its bespoke Trauma Stress Management programme following a fatal accident involving a pedestrian.

National Express commissioned IED to provide a comprehensive independent security review of National Express Bus, National Express Coach, West Midlands Tram, Victoria Coach Station London and all its human resource processes. IED’s findings and subsequent report were key to informing our risk management and emergency planning contingency.

IED designed and developed a training course for our senior managers, supervisors, inspectors and site safety officers, addressing key issues such as safety, security and employee health and wellbeing.  The outcome was the tailored two-day Managing Workplace and Transport Health and Safety course, which took just eight months from conception to gain full IOSH approval.The first IOSH-approved course specific to the bus and coach industry, it is an extremely useful tool for our entire workforce, as well as other operators across the country. The course fits in well with our company values, which put safety at the top of the agenda, and will be much easier for our employees to understand and translate into a work situation.  IED have put a lot of work into this for us and we are extremely pleased with the results of this partnership. To date, more than 200 employees have attended the course, which has ensured that National Express remains at the forefront of health and safety commitment and innovation.