• Frank Sheach, Engineering Manager
    XPlore Dundee

    The Challenge

    We were initially contacted by Ian in 2016, when he approached us offering a range of health and safety courses. We arranged a meeting and I was very interested to hear about the work they specialised in with regards to trauma and stress management.

    They came to us at just the right time. In 2017, one of our bus drivers was involved in a fatality with a pedestrian on the outskirts of Dundee. The employee was very traumatised by what had happened and was going through a difficult time, so we engaged IED Training to counsel him.

    The Solution

    Ian and Paul met with the driver on a number of occasions outwith the working environment, during which time they offered him the expert support that he needed. They really went above and beyond in their work with him, and kept me up to date with everything.

    The Benefits

    In cases like this, it can take months for a driver to be able to return to work and, in some instances, drivers who have experienced similar trauma have not had the confidence to go back to work at all. Ian and his team were able to make real in-roads, helping him in a fairly short period of time.

    Another positive outcome was that XPlore Dundee was praised for its decision to engage IED Training – by the unions and those who had been involved in supporting the driver initially. The driver himself was also very appreciative of the work IED put into helping him – they made him feel valued so the whole exercise was very worthwhile. 

    To me, the fact that both Ian and Paul have themselves been in difficult situations, their training and their expertise carries a lot of weight. When they say that they know what that person has been through, they genuinely mean it. I have a lot of respect for them.