IED visit Canary Wharf


IED Training Solutions spent a very positive and informative day at the Canary Wharf Health & Safety Tenant Forum earlier this week.

Organised by the Canary Wharf Group PLC, we were invited to present on trauma stress and management at the quarterly event, which was attended by around 60 senior health and safety professionals from across Canary Wharf.

The meeting was an opportunity for the tenants to hear about the latest trends and innovations in the areas of wellbeing and health and safety, with the aim of sharing knowledge and best practice.

Our talk and presentation was delivered alongside other presenters including Acre Framework, Tower Hamlets Council and the Healthy Work Council, and complemented and reinforced many of the points they highlighted on issues such as ‘Intent’, creating habits, forming cultures and developing resilience.

It was clear from the event that lessons learned in combat are relevant in many other aspects of life; just like on the battlefield, you are often managing resources in a time-competitive environment where there is a certain amount of permissive uncertainty, risk, friction, fluidity, competition and human factors. It is also important to become comfortable with uncertainty by knowing that you or your organisation is strong enough to meet any challenge. You can create the person or the organisation you want to be by being disciplined.