Health & Safety Training Days

IED can provide Tool box training bespoke to individual client requirements. Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. You must provide clear instructions and information, and adequate training, for your employees;

Don’t forget contractors and self-employed people who may be working for you and make sure everyone has the right level of information on:

  • hazards and risks they may face, if any
  • measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks, if necessary
  • how to follow any emergency procedures
  • new recruits need basic induction training in how to work safely, including arrangements for first aid, fire and evacuation
  • people changing jobs or taking on extra responsibilities need to know about any new health and safety implications
  • young employees are particularly vulnerable to accidents and you need to pay particular attention to their needs, so their training should be a priority. It is also important that new, inexperienced or young employees are adequately supervised
  • employee representatives or safety representatives will require training that reflects their responsibilities
  • some people’s skills may need updating by refresher training